The authentic Filipino breakfast roll ” Pandesal”

Hi world and welcome to my very first (short) story. Choices…choices of what to write on my first blog, and I am feeling inclined to share with you about our local bread called “Pandesal”.
Why local bread? Well I have been craving for a pandesal for quite some time since I moved back here two years ago. Went for the hunt and got successful. Last memory that I had one was quite a long time ago where it cost 25cents each as opposed to paying 2peso a piece., nowadays.

Pandesal is considered to be the authentic breakfast Filipino roll in the olden days with basic baking ingredients such as; flour, eggs, yeast, salt and sugar. In which in time have evolved to other kinds of flavors like this famous “malunggay (horseradish) pandesal”, a specialty of Antipolo local bakers which is basically sweeter in taste than the regular pandesal roll. Yum!

Try our local bread the next time you visit the Philippines.

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